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You might work on a new project and you need a grain of inspiration from another city or from a neighbouring country. Or you might want to simply have an overview of communities that thrive and where things happen. Or you maybe take part in a successful campaign you’re proud of and would like to share your wisdom with others.

Have a look at our Initiatives Map and feel free to add there your own campaign, organisation or project. Promote your community and let others know what you are working on







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Odesláním formuláře souhlasíte se zpracováním osobních údajů pro organizaci NESEHNUTÍ Brno. Tento je možný kdykoli odvolat. Zásady ochrany osobních údajů.

~ Resources ~

Community building in a nutshell: the handbook introduces the concept of community building on bringing concrete examples of communities from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and other countries. It will be in Slovak and Czech language.   

We already finished the book and we we will reveal it on BarCamp NESEHNUTÍ on 18 May!

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Odesláním formuláře souhlasíte se zpracováním osobních údajů pro organizaci NESEHNUTÍ Brno. Tento je možný kdykoli odvolat. Zásady ochrany osobních údajů.

~ Barcamp ~

Are you interested in local communities here and abroad?

Do you want to know people who are trying to promote social change?

Do you believe that the public space should be shaped to be friendly to everyone?

Come to the spring Barcamp NESEHNUTÍ, which will take place on 18 and 19 May in ImpactHub Brno.

Registration is opened til 10 May!





Team: Peter Paluska, Éva Megyesi-Molnár, Antonia Rest, Márton Molnár

During the project work team layed the foundation of a platform, which will improve the labour market situation of people having different types of difficulties. A mobile application is part of the platform, which is based on special education methodology and accessible UX design. Future plans include a platform for employers and a nonprofit organization, which will help the integration of dissabled or in other ways disadvantaged people.

Source Tracker

Team: Adam Tomeček, Tomáš Kopeček

Quick congregation of articles based on similarity of its content. Grouping makes it easy to locate the original source of information, track its distribution over the network, or copying of authors. System should help with detecting and analysing fake news.

Happy Buddy

Team: Zdeněk Hruška, Samuel Briškár, Michal Salajka, Jan Škařupa, Tatiana Dumbrava

The project facilitates communication between foreigners (incomers) who want to get to know our culture better and improve in Czech language with native speakers and locals (buddies) who want to expand horizons, get acquainted with new culture, learn new language, or just help someone. Users set up an account (either as a buddy or as an incoming user) and can search for their partner with whom they can contact.

Data about Justice

Team: Stefan Kosztolanyi, Matus Ledenyi, Tereza Papouskova, Peter Rod, Jakub Senko, Ondrej Vesely

The project specifically concerned the current activity of the association which consists in publishing statistics on advocates performance before the top three courts in the Czech Republic.


Team: Michaela Hefková, Rastislav Janík

Application for cyclists with GPS tracking functionality, collecting data from bikesharing systems, inventory map and other functions. It involves a heatmap showing the density of rides (and other data) of cyclists on a given territory. The outputs should be used to design changes and build cycling infrastructures and monitor dangerous sections of roads.

~ About ~

Community Lab locates and connects initiatives from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and neighbour countries. We offer young people the opportunity to discover the power of local communities and to explore new models of collaboration between nonprofit, social business and tech sectors. We learn from each other how to create and maintain a flourishing community at the local level, while facing global challenges.